Here we are, the day you left me, and I guess it's too soon to realize that you are gone.

I haven't read your letter yet. I am excited for it, but at the same time I kind of don't want to read it. I'm afraid I will get to sad considering I just said goodbye to you for a long time. I don't want to read your letter before I write yours in case I would unconciously copy it. This feels so much less personal writing this on a phone, I wish I would've written a letter instead. 

There are so many things I could say, Lucia. You are not only an exchange student and a really good friend of mine, you are also like a sister to me. Even though we didn't live in the same house it still felt, and feels, like we're family. My exchange year was great, and you were one of the biggest parts of that reason. Elk Grove and my exchange year wouldn't have been the same without you.

 I am so happy that Kathleen got to be your liasion, otherwise I don't know if you and me ever would have happened, at least not as close as we got.

How am I suppose to go from meeting you around 1-2 times a week for over half a year and doing all these kinds of fun stuff, till seeing each other probably tops once a year or so if we are lucky. 

Only within a few months I feel like I have gotten to know you pretty well, and the same for you with me. You have seen me change during this year, helped me and been there for me, and also together faced the struggles and enjoyments of being an exchange student. Within 7 months we have experienced really awesome memories together. Hawaii, Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, yeah we've been a lot of places together haven't we..but it's not only about the big travels. It's about sitting in the sun with a estarbucks. Chilling at Robs condo. Making fun of each others accents. But the thing I'm probably gonna miss the most has to be our long walks in the evening talking about everything and nothing.

You are always there to listen and help with advice. No one here understands me the way you do.
We kind of have the same opinions and thoughts but at the same time we're still so different. And I can honestly say I have never had a friendship like ours. I have alot of fun being with you, even if it means doing nothing, just hanging around. You are kind, reliable and just incredible. You are a great friend. 

I know that you are a friend for life. Maybe it will be so that we won't talk every week, or even every month, and it might take years before we see each other again, but I will always be here for you.

Whenever you feel sad, have a problem, just want to talk, travel the world, I dont know, whatever!, just text/skype me okay?

One day I will hablar Español, I'm sure, and then I will never talk English to you again lol. And I will come visit you whether you like it or not! Have already planned out all these fun things we will do next time we see each other. And I hope you have something in mind too. Our adventures together are still being written..haha. And you know, whenever you feel like it, you always will be welcome to your home in Sweden, and I will be your guide, take you any place you wanna go, show you everything you have to see. The cute boys, the awesome food, the nicest places to walk around etc.
Thank you for all the "amazing"(;)) memories together and more is to come! 

So I guess what I'm trying to say, which I've already told you a bunch of times but it doesn't hurt to repeat it, is that I will miss you soo soo much and that I really do love you. And I hope, whatever might happen, that you never forget me, because I know I will never forget you.

You are loca chica, Te quiero. 


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